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Irrigation Systems

An effective irrigation system is important to any landscape. A poor watering schedule or no watering schedule can lead to poor plant growth or dead and dying plant material. An irrigation system can water while you sleep in the early morning which is the best time to water. These systems are very efficient and good for plants and yards.

Professional Lawn Irrigation System Installation

Runkel Landscape Associates are experts at designing and installing efficient and affordable lawn and landscape irrigation systems, including automated systems that work using a timer. For large projects, systems can be created which have different waterng zones for different areas and types of plants. Using an irrigation system set to a timer can be a huge savings through the conservation of water as your plants, shrubbery, trees, and lawn can be timed to get the correct amount of water needed. Plus, an irrigation system set with a timer can also be a valuable time saver in areas that have very specified watering restrictions. Our timer controlled irrigation system can be set to water your landscape in the morning hours when more water will be absorbed by your landscape rather than just evaporated into the air. For smaller projects we can also install systems that are not controlled by a timer.

Seasonal Irrigation System Preparation For Optimum Operation

We recommend having a thorough start up inspection of your landscape irrigation or lawn sprinkler system prior to using it for the spring and summer seasons. Shutting down your lawn sprinklers or landscape irrigation system correctly to avoid costly damage from freezing is also very important.

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Runkel Landscape Associates is ready to create a an affordable and effective irrigation system for your home or business throughout Lima, Ottawa, Wapakoneta and surrounding areas. For a free initial consultation please contact us today at 419-229-5214 or use our convenient online form.




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